New York, NY 

Mon–Fri: 10am–6pm EDT


Launched in 2017 by two Designers in NYC, TENDO CHARGE was created to bring innovative cell phone accessories to you at an affordable price without compromising quality. 

Tendo Charge is a direct to consumer iPhone accessories business model. We keep our costs low by having no overhead and utilizing Amazon marketplace to ship securely to our customers. In return, you get the best accessories on the market for a lower cost than you can find in traditional retail.

Our first successful product launch is the Original TENDO CHARGE

The #1 Emergency One-Time Mobile Charger Disposable Power Bank 

TENDO CHARGE iPhone lightning connector charger will provide one-time use, disposable emergency backup charge for your device wherever you are!

 Never Again Will Your iPhone Run Out Of Power!

Just Released our NEW Tendo Charge Wireless Charging Kit for iPhone 5-7

We combined our Tendo Charge Wireless Charger with our iPhone compatible wireless receiver to give you an innovative wireless charging kit.

Simply attach the TENDO CHARGE iPhone wireless receiver to your lightning input, slip the receiver behind your non-metal case and you are ready to charge at any Qi-enabled wireless charger